The Singe Coat is a reaction to modern conspicuous consumption. The E-ink flame animation in the pocket is a vivid reference to the idiom “burning a hole in your pocket”, which points to impatient and frivolous spending. Made using low-power, paper-like E-ink displays that are now being developed for the ready-to-wear market, the coat is a synergy between conceptual design and the latest technology.


It employs an ultra-thin, lightweight, and glass-free flexible E-ink display manufactured by Plastic Logic Germany. The wearable display platform integrated into the coat was developed by TEN Electronics, a Moscow-based company focused on low-energy solutions in the field of flexible electronics for both professional and consumer markets.

The Singe Coat was designed at The Studio by ElektroCouture and exhibited at Fashion Tech Berlin 2017. 

Photographer: Andreas Waldschuetz  

Model: Laura Sieger